Google Now Integrated on the iPhone

Okay, this is gonna be my last Apple related post for the day, I promise!
Google earlier today released an iPhone compatible version of their search engine and services, which makes it a whole lot easier to use. I tried it out yesterday after reading about it online, and was immediately impressed by it. Everything on most of Google’s pages are now perfectly formatted for the iPhone, including Gmail which works really great. Gmail will even remember your password for your e-mail account which is nice because otherwise, you would have to sign on every time.

I can even access my Google Docs and Calender, which is pretty handy, although I really like using the Calender on my iPhone because it synchs with iCal on my home computer. I wonder how many other companies are going to start formatting their content for the iPhone? The only companies that I know of off the top of my head are Facebook and Fandango, and both are pretty helpful.


January 15, 2008