Color Study #4 by UPSO

I’m slowly becoming obsessed with collecting art prints, even though I don’t have any place to put them all. A fine example is UPSO’s recent contribution to 20×200 called Color Study #4. For those not familiar with 20×200, they release 200 prints at 8.5″ x 11″ for $20, 20 prints at 22″ x 17″ prints for $200, and 2 prints at 40″ x 30″ for $2000.

Obviously I bought the $20 one, the only one that’s really in my budget. I also bought this print by Todd St. John (who also runs Hunter Gatherer) because I love the simplicity of it. New prints go up every Tuesday, so be sure to check them out weekly for awesome (and affordable) art!


January 15, 2008