Vans Vault / Color Theory

Vans Vault has released the line-up for their Spring 2008 collection, and it’s looking pretty rad. It’s called Color Theory, and features a lot of crazy, bold colors and some really cool textures. The top row of shoes (look to me) like the girls blend, and the bottom are the guys. I really like the gray pair on the bottom in the middle. They look pretty fancy, but I bet their amazingly comfy. I also think the shoes on the bottom on the far right are pretty fun, like a material you’d find in a sombrero.

I picked the shoes in the top row because of the awesome colors and patterns, but also because I think my mom would really like them. I bought her a pair of Vans about a year ago and now she loves them. So check ’em out momma and we’ll get you some of these!


January 11, 2008