Starbucks QuickOrder Concept

In just 3 days, Steve Jobs will be announcing all sorts of Apple goodies, including a very probable software developer’s kit that will allow people to create applications for the iPhone. The Starbucks QuickOrder system by Phil Lu is one such application, allowing you to order, customize, and pay for your favorite morning wake-me-up beverage.

At first I wasn’t sure that this was a very good idea, thinking there would be cold, unpaid for drinks sitting Starbucks across the world. But it turns out that the application would sync with your iTunes account, which would draw the money directly from your credit card that’s attached to the account. Then you walk into your friendly local Starbucks, they scan a Semacode that’s on the screen, and your beverage is made. I think this could be pretty damn handy if Starbucks were to ever implement something like this. Man I love the future.


January 11, 2008