Jean Jullien

Funny story. I came across a link to the portfolio of Jean Jullien a few days ago which took me to a video about a boy with a paper arm who’s friends with a Chewbacca. I’m not really into weird art, so I closed it pretty fast after I opened it. Cut to today when I’m browsing typeish and come across some cute, cut out graphics. I start to explore the site and realize it’s the same, weird, boy-with-a-paper-arm site, but I decide to look around anyway.

It turns out he’s quite a talented guy, and an immensely talented illustrator. His style totally reminds me of Quentin Blake’s, who most people would know as the guy who illustrated most of Roald Dahl’s books. The crazy part is that these images are from an ongoing visual diary he keeps in a moleskine.

Be sure to visit his site and check out all of his odd projects. When you look at all the stuff he’s doing, you realize just how creative this guy is.


January 11, 2008