Beirut / The Joys of Losing Weight

Sorry folks, looks like the files were flagged and removed.
Most likely because some of these songs are on March of the Zapotec.

Though Zach Condon, also known as the frontman of Beirut, has already released two albums and an EP (and is only 22), he started recording at the age of 15 under the name The Real People. Under the moniker he released a a Magnetic Fields-esque album called The Joys of Losing Weight, which is something of a precursor to his music he currently releases. I randomly came across the album, which I thought would be impossible to find, but obviously it’s not if I’m offering to everyone. I’m not sure how long this will stay up, but if it was never formally released, I can’t imagine that it can’t be downloaded.


January 6, 2008