Barack Obama Wins the Iowa Caucus

I’ve been sleeping for most of the day, trying to get rid of this damn cold, so I’ve been a bit cut off since yesterday. I woke up from my nap this afternoon, headed over to DIGG, and saw the news that Obama had won the Iowa Caucuses! This makes me so excited! I’ve been pretty worried about what would happen, if Hillary would really turn out to be the party favorite, if Obama’s support might start to wain. But here he is, the winner.

Hopefully the United States can get it’s shit together and realize that he’s the most even-minded, most genuine candidate we have right now. If he doesn’t win, I’m seriously afraid of what’s going to happen in the world.

On a much lighter note, If you like your elections to be a little more deadly, there’s always Kung-Fu Election, a Mortal Kombat style game where you can kick the shit out of your most hated political figure.


January 4, 2008