Optimus Tactus Concept Keyboard by Art Lebedev

First off, welcome to 2008! I hope everyone’s had a good first day so far.

Next up, Art Lebedev has revealed his new concept called the Optimus Tactus, a key-less keyboard. The whole deal would be nothing but touch screen, and if it ever does come to fruition, could certainly give your iPhone quite a case of screen envy. The idea seems solid enough now that touch screens are becoming so vogue, but the price tag on something like this would certainly be hefty.

On the site they show examples like picking your color palette (above) and watching video on your keyboard (not shown), though a feature like that would mostly be for getting laid by chicks with a computer fetish. Nonetheless, this is yet another stupendous idea by the awesome inventor.

Found through Computerlove


January 1, 2008