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Winter Bunnies by Kozyndan

I was reading Kozyndan’s Livejournal yesterday when I came across this really cute print called Gray Hares (Winter Bunnies). This print continues their love for the fuzzy darlings but this time in a calm, winter-y setting. I really like all of the textures in the print, and the old versions of Kozy and Dan are pretty fun.

Dan also noted that this looks pretty similar to the cover to Pinkerton, which it sort of does, but not really. You can pick it up on their website for an easy $15, making this an awesome X-Mas or Hanukkah present.

While we’re on the subject of winter bunnies, you should also play Winter Bells by Orisinal. Simple, beautiful graphics, with an equally beautiful score behind it.


Selexyz Dominicanen

What do you get when you combine and 800 year old Dominican church with an upscale bookstore? Just the most awesome bookstore ever! This is the Selexyz Dominicanen, a bookstore that’s been built into a beautiful ex-church in the city of Masstracht, Netherlands. With a minimal amount of floorspace, the architects chose to build upward, utilizing the extremely tall ceilings (yet still getting nowhere near them).

I love how amazingly the old and new blend together. The dark steel of the giant bookshelves makes the church aspect of it seem even more important and beautiful. I would love to see how it looks at night, I have a feeling it would be absolutely amazing. There’s even a small café in the back of the space to drink and enjoy your book in the wonderful space.

I want more of this kind of stuff in LA!

Found through The Cool Hunter


Polypunk 25

My favorite French DJ living in Japan Digiki has released Polypunk 25, the last one of the year. He says that it was “selected in Tokyo, designed in London, and posted from Brooklyn, hopefully enjoyed by the world.” I’m listening to it right now and certainly liking it. The songs are all over the place stylistically, but it still goes together extremely well.

The cover is pretty cool as well. It’s got all sorts of little bits and bobs and reminds me of Katamari Damacy sort of. It was created by Marc Kremers.
You can download the awesomeness by clicking here.


American Craft’s New Website

With American Craft Magazine’s big redesign last month, it’s only fitting that they also gave their website a makeover as well. The site takes on a lot of the style that the magazine has, and even lets you read the main feature from the new December/January issue, featuring Steven and William Land. There’s also a blog type section that covers books, galleris, people and places, as well as things going on around the net. In addition to all of that, they also have a calender section to check for upcoming shows. You can even narrow down your search to your local area.

Overall the redesign looks awesome, and is definitely carrying over the clean and modern vibe the magazine gives off.


Zeus Letter Opener and Tape Dispenser by Paul Smith

I opened up Gmail this morning to see that I had a X-mas newsletter from Paul Smith. While I don’t actually shop at Paul Smith, or can even afford to, I do love his clothes. The first thing I see Is the giant lightning bolt you see above. I click the picture, and it turns out it’s a giant letter opener.
It’s made out of solid played brass (that sounds janky) and measures a little over 12″ from end to end. I think this would be so great to get a dad for X-mas!

They also have a really rad Cassette Tape Dispenser that’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a cassette that dispenses tape! Very clever and cute, not to mention much cheaper than the giant brass letter opener.

Click here to check out all of the other fun Paul Smith goodies they have for the holidays.


RVCA Store San Francisco

RVCA Store San Francisco

I was checking up on all things RVCA yesterday, it had been kind of a while, when I noticed that they now have a store in San Francisco. It seems like a pretty rad store, and looks to be carrying everything that they carry. They also have a wide variety of books thanks to the guys over at Family, who they’ve teamed up with to keep the store stocked with literary delights.

I hope RVCA decides to open one of these down here some time soon. RVCA is one of the best and most consistent brands out there, and I love how they really support artists and the art scene here in LA. You can check out the RVCA store at 1485 Haight St. in San Francisco.


Zuriick Shoes

I remember seeing these awesome shoes by Zuriick a few months back, but they must have slipped my mind because I never ended up posting about them. But I was browsing around on Blackbird when I spotted them again! They’re pretty much your basic slip on, but I like the subtle changes that make them stick out. Above is the charcoal color with blue rubber, but they also make a black with off-white rubber one as well, which is what I would get.

The best part is that they’re only $55, which is pretty dang cheap. But I really don’t need anymore slip-ons, I think I have about 10 pairs at this point…



Tree Menorah by Sahar Bastry

I really love X-mas. Notice how I spelled it there?
I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m not a Christian, and I don’t believe in Jesus and all that stuff, not that there’s anything wrong with it. But because I don’t, I’ve decided that I celebrate X-mas, a time for giving presents and decorating trees and being with the people you love.

But my boyfriend Jeff is Jewish. So my desire for a X-mas trees clashes somewhat with his menorah. Or at least he thinks so. He wants us to celebrate only Hannukah, but there’s no way in hell I’m giving up my stockings and X-mas lights. But I think I may have found a happy medium for us.

Designer Sahar Bastry has come up with the Tree Menorah, a cross between everyone’s favorite holidays. I couldn’t find this on her site anywhere (maybe I’m blind?) but I would totally love to get one of these. Although, it would just end up on a table next to a giant, well-decorated X-mas tree, haha…

Update: My mom found it online for $25.

Found through Core 77