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Stuffed Plush Vikings by Herzensart

Plush Lady Viking by Herzensart

Plush Man Viking by Herzensart

When I think of cute things, my mind automatically goes to the image of a viking. Okay, that’s not true, but after seeing Sandra Monat’s wonderfully cute stuffed plush vikings, they will now hold a soft spot in my heart.

andra runs a website called Herzensart from which she sells all sorts of adorable, hand made creations like the two friends you see above. Currently she has about a half dozen left in her store, along with some other wonderful creations as well. All of the vikings are made out of different scraps of beautiful colored fabrics, and go for around $100 each.

Hurry up and get your’s before they run out of stock!
There’s another cute image under the cut as well, so check it out.

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Mike Perry Wallpaper

Mike Perry over at Midwestbest has awesome new wallpapers up on his site that are for sale over at Studio Nommo. There are four wallpapers total, which are all so damn fun.

The first is a boat that resembles something out of Jaws floating a blue spaghetti sea. The second is a scenic landscape featuring fluffy clouds, pointy mountaintops and rolling, green hills. The third is a series of brightly colored, but complacent looking faces, and the fourth is a wild geometric explosion with blues, greens, and lavenders. All of the wallpapers are so rad looking, I would love to have a wall full of these!


Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7 / Photo Book and Record

When I went X-Mas shopping, I stopped by Family over on Fairfax, one of the best and most eclectic bookstores in LA. Looking around I spotted Phil Elverum’s newest Mount Eerie project, Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7, a large format photo book with a record of “vaguely corresponding music”, so says Phil.

I was lucky enough to see him perform at Family earlier this year, to a very intimate gathering of about 30 people. It was really amazing, just him and his guitar. His book and photos are equally amazing. Looking through the book, you feel the same haunting, but very calm vibe that his music carries. The photos in the book were all taken with an antique camera using expired film. The webpage for the book gives a nice rundown of what he used for that that are interested.

The book was produced in an edition of 2400, has 132 pages, and goes for $64 (which includes shipping) if you live in the United States.
You can click here to purchase it from Mr. Elverum directly.



I have an old livejournal that I sometimes check up on to see what old friends are doing and if any of the creative ones have posted anything exciting. Last night, I noticed my friend Sipho had posted about something called Tecktonik, a new kind of dancing that’s blowing up over in France. It’s a kind of mash up of several styles, like hip hop, rave, disco and pop and lock. I watched the videos he had posted (like the one above) and I was absolutely transfixed by them! They moved so fluidly and so fast, and it just looks so rad! I like when they move their feet along with the arm movements, it’s kind of surreal!

It’s also interesting to note that the term ‘Tecktonik’ is a copyrighted word, and “they can legally force “anti-tecktonik” blogs to be closed in order to protect their brand”. Or at least that’s what Wikipedia says (so it must be true). If you enjoyed the video above, look up Tecktonik on Youtube where there are a whole lot more of these videos.

A lot of you readers are from Europe, and some of you have probably seen this before. What do you think about it?


Andreas Samuelsson Posters

Just in time for X-Mas, Swedish designer Andreas Sameulsson has released 4 new posters, a calender, and two t-shirts to fill those empty spaces under your tree. I really liked the two posters above, and there’s also a fun vegetarian pyramid one, and another black and white one filled with buildings and a Fleetwood Mac cover, but that one isn’t quite ready yet.

Give his site a peek as well, he’s done some really great stuff, as I posted before here.


Click Click Click Click by Bishop Allen

Lately I’ve been listening to Bishop Allen’s new album The Broken String quite a lot because of how fun it is too sing along with. Even though 10 of the 12 songs were taken from their previous EPs, these versions are great and their choices of songs make for a really cohesive album. One of my favorite songs on the album is definitely Click Click Click Click which now has a really cute music video to go along with it.

On a side note, I’m totally in love with Vimeo. More people should use them, simply for the ease of uploading, renaming, tagging, customization. They definitely have the online video sharing thing down to an art.

Made In Tokyo

I’m shocked and awed by the amazing photos of Frédéric Gautron, who runs a little photo blog called Made In Tokyo. From what I can tell, he’s a Frenchman living in Tokyo and has been running his blog since May of 2003, which is pretty impressive. The whole thing is in French sadly, so I’m not sure exactly what it all say.

The amazing part of his blog are his photos, and how he stitches them together to create these otherworldly, urban environments. Buildings that grow out of shrubs, or giant shrubs that are overgrowing a city, they’re all pretty amazing. He also has an extremely amazing eye for architecture as well. I put a couple more of his photos under the cut, one of them is REALLY big and amazing.

Also be sure to check out his site, where he has a whole lot of these beauties.

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Peter Sutherland

When I shoot with my Lomo, I imagine capturing pictures like those of Peter Sutherland. His photos are fancy, but he has an uncanny knack of catching amazing moments of time. Who the hell has their camera at the ready at all times like that? If it’s a moth in mid-flight (and in focus) or an entire field of deer, he’s been there and done that.

Currently he’s living and shooting in New York, and he’s a part of the Chinatown Soccer Club, which features a ton of really talented guys, artistically and with their feet. He’s also released several books as well, which you can also read about on his site.

Check under the cut for more of my favorites of his work.
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Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about Geoff McFetridge, but that’s now changing with the release of his newest creation, Monster Dice. The Monster Dice is a collaboration between Geoff, the wonderful publisher Nieves, and the folks over at e15.

The decorative cube is made out of European oak with the his drawings laser etched into the wood. The cube tells a mini story about a boy who draws monsters who then come to life and start drawing more of each other. The idea was created by him and his four year old daughter.
The other cool part is that the wood is from the leftover scraps from e15’s Backenzahn stool, so something that would normally would be thrown away is now a piece of fine art.

I think this would be so cool to have, but the price tag is pretty steep, coming in at a whopping $250. That’s definitely not in my budget. They also have a poster available as well, featuring the designs from the cube. I’m not really sure where they sell that though, so your best bet is to e-mail the nice folks over Nieves. Under the cut there’s a picture of the poster to check out as well.

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Os Gemeos’ Assum Preto

I’m sort of behind on this one, but I spotted a really rad Os Gemeos on FFFFOUND! and needed to find out more about it. It turns out the brothers behind Os Gemeos recently had a show at the Galleria Patricia Armocida which ended on November 3rd. The show featured new canvas works, a couple of installations and a lot of the walls were painted as well. Their use of color always makes me so happy, they need to have a show in LA sometime soon so I can see their patterns up close.

If you’d like to see more pictures of the show, We Make Money Not Art has a really great gallery of photos.