David Byrne Interviews Thom Yorke

Wired posted a really great interview last night between Radiohead frontman Thom York and ex-Talking Heads guru David Byrne. The interview is conducted by Byrne who asks Thom Yorke some really great questions about the new record and all of the ins and outs about it. My favorite part was when they talked about how much many In Rainbows had actually made, which certainly surprised me:

Byrne: Are you making money on the download of In Rainbows?

Yorke: In terms of digital income, we’ve made more money out of this record than out of all the other Radiohead albums put together, forever — in terms of anything on the Net. And that’s nuts.

I still think it’s funny that people tried to naysay that their little experiment wouldn’t work, or that they wouldn’t really make any money off it. But reportedly they made $3 million on this album, which is all their’s. No record label to take any portion of it.
Be sure to read the article, and there are also audio clips of the interview, as well as the weird live performance they did with cameras strapped to bicycle helmets.


December 19, 2007