WE LOVE TO BUILDâ„¢ by Paul Hollingworth

I work as a retoucher at my day job, so I’d say that I know a few things about Photoshop. So when I came across Paul Hollingworth’s images, I was really excited to see his awesome use of Photoshop. Paul is a photographer and graphic designer, and the images above are taken from a project he started called WE LOVE TO BUILDâ„¢.

He takes bits and pieces and portions of photos and sews up all nice and pretty with photo shop to create some really large, amazing images. I actually cropped into the photos above so that they would turn out larger on my site, they are actually much more epic. His photos are also quite beautiful as well, so be sure to check out all of the work he has on Flickr.

Found through FFFFOUND!


December 18, 2007