Trial of Colonel Sweet and Other Stories by Nicholas Gurewitch

I was in Secret Headquarters a couple of weeks ago, grabbing my weekly stash of comic books, and wandered over to the table at the center of the room where they often have cool art books. I immediately stopped when I saw the cover to the book above.

“Colonel Sweeto? What the hell is this book about, and why is it in my comic book shop?”, I thought immediately. I looked around at first, not really wanting anyone to see that I was about to open this candy-colored abomination, and then began to flip through the pages. I got to the first strip, which featured a young boy being punched in the stomach, but then being aided by unicorns, who impaled the attacker, getting the sweet punishment he deserved.

It turns out it was written by a guy named Nicholas Gurewitch, who writes the comic strip ‘The Perry Bible Fellowship‘, which is usually full of things you aren’t supposed to laugh about, but of course you do because you have a weird and sick sense of humor. The book is a collection of the strips, and is absolutely hysterical. I read every single page within 10 minutes, laughing my ass off the whole time.

You can buy the book through the links provided by the PBF web site, and there’s an amazing Unicorn Power! t-shirt for sale as well.

I’ve also put a couple of his comics under the cut, just so you can get a taste of his genius. Enjoy.


December 17, 2007