My New iPhone

Thursday night I had planned on meeting up with friend Garrett after he had left work. He called me around 9 and I grabbed my phone and answered. I flipped open the 2.5 year old RAZR, and noticed immediately that the screen didn’t come on. I sat there kind of confused at first, and closed it again to look at the back screen. It too was not glowing.

Cut to me doing all those tricks people do when their phone dies; I took the battery out, cleaned the pocket lint from the corners, shook and screamed at it. I opened and pressed the buttons, and the tiny light behind them lit up, they made noises, yet still the screen didn’t respond. I realized that the time had finally come that I needed a new phone, out of pure necessity.
Friday morning I woke up excited, knowing that I was heading to the Apple store promptly at 10 am when they opened, knowing full and well I was going to be buying the iPhone I have so dearly wanted for the last six months.

After about 3 days with it, I can honestly say it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. Earlier today, I got lost trying to meet up with some friends. But I had Google Maps ready to help me, which I definitely needed. The location was set near an overpass that had at least six ways you could before you took it. It didn’t make a bit of sense. But one look at the tiny electronic map and I knew what to do.

I’ve also been able to text faster then I ever could. I thought it would take me a while to get the hang of it, but the iPhone senses where you’ve been typing, by magic or jedi powers I’m sure, and automatically sticks in the word you were trying to spell, even if you only managed to type three of the six letters correctly.

Going from a RAZR to the iPhone is an amazing step, like I’ve been thrown into the future. And for anyone who thinks differently than I do, I’d say you need to actually have it on you for a few days to truly enjoy it. Pretending to play with in the Apple store, when you’ve already cursed it, certainly doesn’t count.


December 17, 2007