Last Week in Music | 12/09 – 12/16

I didn’t do a Last Week in Music last week because of all the busyness of last week, but it’s back, and still not counting everything I listened to. I had Yo La Tengo on for most of the day yesterday, and it didn’t register at all. Maybe it’ll shop up next week, though above it clearly says that yesterday was counted as one of the days.

Anyhow, I did listen to Beach House’s new album Devotion quite a lot, and it’s actually really great. I liked their last album a lot, but I think this one surpasses it. It seems less morose and more musically exciting. At least on some songs.

After that is Sigur Ros, who I listened to for the better part of Saturday night as I read Harry Potter 5. Then Radiohead, because I’m still loving the 2nd disc to In Rainbows immensely.
The Beatles were in there because I had an itch to listen to Bishop Allen because it’s one of the catchiest albums of the year, Ben Folds Five because they’re classic, The Microphones because I was listening to them after posting about Dan Elverum’s new Mt. Eerie 6 & 7 he released, Darkel because I forgot how good that album really was, Blonde Redhead because I heard a song from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and wanted to hear more, and The Polyphonic Spree because I wanted to hear the Thumbsucker soundtrack.

Wow, that’s such a mess of words. Anyway, here’s my favorite song from the new Beach House album:

Astronaut / Beach House


December 17, 2007