Os Gemeos Hits Up Lithuania

I’m really glad to be posting again, especially when it’s something rad like new Os Gemeos work. The photos are from an old Lithuanian art school that looks like it could use some Os Gemeos love. Once again they don’t fail to impress. I love the pattern of the guys pants in the picture above. All of the small details in their work is so amazing.

Is it weird that I think Os Gemeos should have their own Adult Swim cartoon? I could totally see it now. It would have animation like Tekkonkinkreet , a thumping, Brazialian soundtrack, and could have a plot similar to City of God.
It would be dark, gritty, realistic, and amazing!

Thanks to Kotryna over at Pravda for the heads up!

Check under the cut for four more pictures!


December 13, 2007