Stuffed Plush Vikings by Herzensart

Plush Lady Viking by Herzensart

Plush Man Viking by Herzensart

When I think of cute things, my mind automatically goes to the image of a viking. Okay, that’s not true, but after seeing Sandra Monat’s wonderfully cute stuffed plush vikings, they will now hold a soft spot in my heart.

andra runs a website called Herzensart from which she sells all sorts of adorable, hand made creations like the two friends you see above. Currently she has about a half dozen left in her store, along with some other wonderful creations as well. All of the vikings are made out of different scraps of beautiful colored fabrics, and go for around $100 each.

Hurry up and get your’s before they run out of stock!
There’s another cute image under the cut as well, so check it out.

Plush Lady Viking by Herzensart

Found through Everlasting Blort


December 10, 2007