I have an old livejournal that I sometimes check up on to see what old friends are doing and if any of the creative ones have posted anything exciting. Last night, I noticed my friend Sipho had posted about something called Tecktonik, a new kind of dancing that’s blowing up over in France. It’s a kind of mash up of several styles, like hip hop, rave, disco and pop and lock. I watched the videos he had posted (like the one above) and I was absolutely transfixed by them! They moved so fluidly and so fast, and it just looks so rad! I like when they move their feet along with the arm movements, it’s kind of surreal!

It’s also interesting to note that the term ‘Tecktonik’ is a copyrighted word, and “they can legally force “anti-tecktonik” blogs to be closed in order to protect their brand”. Or at least that’s what Wikipedia says (so it must be true). If you enjoyed the video above, look up Tecktonik on Youtube where there are a whole lot more of these videos.

A lot of you readers are from Europe, and some of you have probably seen this before. What do you think about it?


December 9, 2007