Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

Monster Dice by Geoff McFetridge

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about Geoff McFetridge, but that’s now changing with the release of his newest creation, Monster Dice. The Monster Dice is a collaboration between Geoff, the wonderful publisher Nieves, and the folks over at e15.

The decorative cube is made out of European oak with the his drawings laser etched into the wood. The cube tells a mini story about a boy who draws monsters who then come to life and start drawing more of each other. The idea was created by him and his four year old daughter.
The other cool part is that the wood is from the leftover scraps from e15’s Backenzahn stool, so something that would normally would be thrown away is now a piece of fine art.

I think this would be so cool to have, but the price tag is pretty steep, coming in at a whopping $250. That’s definitely not in my budget. They also have a poster available as well, featuring the designs from the cube. I’m not really sure where they sell that though, so your best bet is to e-mail the nice folks over Nieves. Under the cut there’s a picture of the poster to check out as well.


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