Made In Tokyo

I’m shocked and awed by the amazing photos of Frédéric Gautron, who runs a little photo blog called Made In Tokyo. From what I can tell, he’s a Frenchman living in Tokyo and has been running his blog since May of 2003, which is pretty impressive. The whole thing is in French sadly, so I’m not sure exactly what it all say.

The amazing part of his blog are his photos, and how he stitches them together to create these otherworldly, urban environments. Buildings that grow out of shrubs, or giant shrubs that are overgrowing a city, they’re all pretty amazing. He also has an extremely amazing eye for architecture as well. I put a couple more of his photos under the cut, one of them is REALLY big and amazing.

Also be sure to check out his site, where he has a whole lot of these beauties.

December 7, 2007