Charley Harper Prints

Everyone’s got holiday gift guides up these days, but i don’t want to get into any of that mess. I think anything I post about could potentially make an awesome X-Mas gift. Anyhow, I was looking up Charley Harper on the Googles and I came across these awesome prints over at Gallery One. They have over 50 different kinds, but I really liked the holiday ones you see above.

The prints run a pretty wide price range, anywhere from $50 to $500, and come in a lot of different sizes and a huge assortment of animals. If you couldn’t find a print for someone in their huge selection, then they must be a really boring person. His artwork is so exciting, and colorful, and dynamic, and it makes me so happy to see it.

I’ve also posted a short video Todd Oldham did about him under the cut, in case you’re not sure who he is or what he’s about.

Also, if you are looking for a really nice gift guide this holiday season, check out Samantha over at Maquette’s Holiday Round-up. There’s some really awesome ideas in there for everyone in the family.


December 6, 2007