Selexyz Dominicanen

What do you get when you combine and 800 year old Dominican church with an upscale bookstore? Just the most awesome bookstore ever! This is the Selexyz Dominicanen, a bookstore that’s been built into a beautiful ex-church in the city of Masstracht, Netherlands. With a minimal amount of floorspace, the architects chose to build upward, utilizing the extremely tall ceilings (yet still getting nowhere near them).

I love how amazingly the old and new blend together. The dark steel of the giant bookshelves makes the church aspect of it seem even more important and beautiful. I would love to see how it looks at night, I have a feeling it would be absolutely amazing. There’s even a small café in the back of the space to drink and enjoy your book in the wonderful space.

I want more of this kind of stuff in LA!

Found through The Cool Hunter


December 5, 2007