Daft Punk’s Secret Set-Up

Top Photo: The view from the outside / Bottom Photo: The view from inside

By now, most people have seen Daft Punk’s iconic pyramid set-up, they’ve been playing in at all of their shows pretty much since Coachella. It’s got lights all over the side that respond to the music as well as fog and lasers and any other high-tech thing you can think of. But I’d always wondered what the inside of their crazy pyramid looked like.

Well I stumbled across a photo a couple days ago over at Crackers United, and had to post it. It was taken by the folks over at Mixmag, who also got descriptions of what all that stuff is as well, from half of Daft, Thomas Banghalter:

The show revolves around Ableton Live software on custom made super-computers, which we remotely access and control with Behringer BCR2000 midi controllers.

Next to the ethernet remote computer screens there are four Minimoog Voyagers, the classic analog synthesizers. They’re a 30-year old design.

We can mix, shuffle, trigger loops, filter, distort samples, EQ in and out, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines. We keep some surprises on the side too!

There’s a direct connection between our rig and the lights and visuals of the show. The light and video engineers can also add or control layers during the show.

Inside the pyramid are synthesizers and remote controls connected to the rest of the music equipment and computers, which are in rack-mounted towers off stage.

Working the music equipment, lighting and video equipment, and building the pyramid for each show takes around 10 people, including both of us.

I know what little of that means, but I think it’s so amazing that they can fiddle with all of that shit in masks and leather suits. Daft Punk also has a new live album out on Tuesday called Alive, but it’s kind of boring and filled with same things we’ve all been hearing for the last 5 years. Make new music and stop making crappy movies!


December 2, 2007