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The Hood Internet: Mixtape Volume One

My friend Chris sent me a link to this mix by The Hood Internet, which mixes a bunch of hip hop and rap with the best in indie music. The list of people involved include The Knife, Broken Social Scene, Hot Chip, Justice and a ton more. I’m 45 minutes in and so far it’s really awesome. So if you’re looking for something to listen to this weekend, check out his Mixtape Volume One, it’s sure to make you dance.


The Internet by Andrew Ackermann

I was visiting Boico the other day when I spotted a post about Andrew Ackermann’s wondeful site, The Internet by Andrew Ackermann. What’s really cool about his blog is that he comes up with graphic representations of the subject of his blog posts, which are all done in CMYK and black. So when he posts about a photography, you see a bright magenta camera instead of a normal picture.

I think this is a great alternative to the normal way of blogging, but unfortunately, he doesn’t update very often, so there aren’t as many CMYK goodies as I’d like. Nonetheless, be sure to check out his site to see what I mean.


Liveblogging Layer Tennis: Scott Hansen vs. Rob Cordiner

Ouch: Volley Ten

Volley ten, and I have to say, I kind of feel that Rob gave up! This was Rob running off stage, ripping down all the pretty balloons and party favors, and giving a shout out to the one person who will love him no matter what, his mum. This match definitely goes to Scott Hansen, but good work from Rob as well, who made me laugh with his insane maneuvers. As always, check out Layer Tennis every Friday, and thanks to Coudal Partners for putting together another awesome match.

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Do The Evolution: Volley Nine

Alright, here’s Scott Hansen’s last volley, and I would say it’s exactly what he needed to do to win this match. Good use of elements from prior volleys, and I love that googley-eyed bag man’s sign now reads ‘evolution’ and he’s being walked all over by the footprints. Sadly, I can’t spot the joystick anywhere… am I missing it somewhere?
Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that Scott has this one, unless Rob can pull something quite impressive out of nowhere.

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Colour Issues: Volley Eight

In my own opinion, the tide is completely changing. Rob is no longer playing the design game. Maybe he realizes that he can’t keep with Scott? I mean, Scott is a truly amazing designer. But what Rob’s got, is a sense of humor. And on a Friday afternoon after a long week, I’ll take the funny over the pretty.
I don’t even know how he came up with this idea, but I totally love it. Can Scott fight humor with beautiful design? We’ll find out soon enough.

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The Neckface AV Sk8 Low

I just posted about Vans, but here I am doing it again. They’ve teamed up once again with my favorite drawer-of-monsters Neckface to release a brand new show. The colorway is a weird, kind of tomato red, with some sort of ugly bursting out of the grave with hot a pair of shades on. It’s mostly made of leather, and will hopefully be finding it’s way into my hands very soon.

Found through Footurama


Photos from the Vans Sky Gallery Exhibit

Last weekend I was invited to the opening of the Vans Sky Gallery show at the New Image Art Gallery, so I popped over and took some pictures. I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now, I’ve felt really bad that they’ve been sitting on my camera this whole time. It was kind of a small show, but overall the vibe was fun.

Each artist involved in the project had a piece of art on the wall and a customized pair of shoes. Then next to that was one of the new iPod minis, which was playing an animated video or interview the artist, relating to what they created. I watched the Sage Vaughn video, which was an animated video with his artwork. Pretty cool stuff.

Check out under the cut for a ton of pictures from the show.
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Natsko Seki

Natsko Seki is a London based designer who was born in Japan. She grew up in Tokyo, eventually studying psychology, but then moved to London, studying art at St. Martins and getting her BA in illustration at the University of Brighton. In her work, she uses a lot of collage techniques, combining papers,found images, and her own illustrations, which she then combines and adjusts in her computer.

I spotted her work in a magazine thought it was absolutely adorable. I love how detailed and playful her work is. It would be really to have some really big prints of her work so you could see all the textures better. She also suckered me in by all of her colors, which are totally beautiful.

Check out more of her work under the cut.
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Layer Tennis Tomorrow: Scott Hansen vs. Rob Cordiner

I’m pretty excited for Layer Tennis tomorrow afternoon, it should be a really good one. The combatants are Scott Hansen from ISO50, and Rob Cordiner from Task-Focused, who are both worth their salt. But I must admit to a slight bias, only because Scott is a fellow Sacramento native, so that’s where my money lies for the moment.

I think what’s most interesting about these matches is how the most important part is to be able to think on your toes. There are plenty of really talented people, who absolutely couldn’t do this because of the 15 minute time limit. Tomorrow’s match should be a good one though, so I’ll probably live-blog the game and throw in my 2 cents about it.


Clayton Cubitt

When I think of really good art, no matter what medium it is, I think of things that effect me emotionally. While looking at the photos of Clayton Cubitt, the range of emotions I felt, were honestly, all over the board.

The photos above are from a project called ‘Lagos Calling’, where he recreated what he calls the “African skinhead fashion from the early seventies.” I know nothing about any of this, but what I do know is how amazing these photos look. They look like the could be right out of the seventies. The styling is absolutely perfect, and the models are incredible. I felt shock and envy looking over all of these amazing images.

After that I took a look around his site and decided to look at his photos of the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. Looking at them and reading the captions that went along with them was really hard to do. The pictures are beautiful on their own. It’s hard to believe that he can take such amazing photos in such a harsh place. But when you read the stories that go along with them, it turns the intensity knob to 11. I was close to tears many times, reading about the courage that people had and the lives that were lost.

If you have some time to check out his photos, I highly suggest you do so.

Found through Boing Boing


Swallow 4

I popped over to Ash Wood’s blog earlier today, and he posted a pretty sweet homage image to Frank Frazetta, something he came up with for his newest edition of Swallow. I clicked the image to see it in a much larger, more beautiful way, and what immediately caught my eye was the fact that Paul Pope is going to contribute!

I really can’t believe it, I’m so excited. Ashley Wood should just take the money out of my bank account, right now. They’re two of my absolute favorite artists, and their working together. I need more of this, all the time… and for Ash to bring back Automatic Kafka, damn that was good.


Firefox 3.0’s Looking Pretty Good

Earlier today on Digg, I was fortunate enough to see a story pointing out where you could download the beta version of Firefox 3.0. Now, I’m a pretty big nerd, but not so big of a nerd that I get into things like beta builds and things like that. But I really like Firefox, and so I thought I’d try it out and see how it works.

Well I’ve been using it all day so far, and I have to say that they’ve definitely done a great job. From my point of view, all I can really tell are the cosmetic details that have been cleaned up. Fonts render a lot better, the line spacing for items is cleaner, and buttons and boxes have never looked so orderly. There are also a couple of new features like staring a website, instead of having to bookmark it. You simply click the star next to the address bar, and then it shows up in your places toolbar, making that site you just visited readily accessible without having to leave 15 tabs open.

Going through my mail in Gmail has honestly never been easier, or looked better. I have my fonts set at 15 pt, Helvetica, and everything seems like it’s been cleaned up. And it might just be me, but I think that the program itself is responding faster, more on par with Safari. The only downside I’ve found so far is that Scribefire no longer works, as it hasn’t yet been modified for this new version.

Hopefully Mozilla decides to release 3.0 to the masses soon, I honestly think that people are going to be pleased at the changes they’ve made. But as it’s a beta release, everything I just described to you could be completely undone by the time it’s released.

Click here to see Mozilla’s reaction to the beta files being uncovered on Digg. I’m just glad they were cool about it.