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Kitsune Noir is on Facebook

I’m not really big on the whole social networking thing, but I’ve decided to give it a go and give Kitsune Noir it’s own Facebook Group. So far it’s a bunch of my friends, but it would be really cool if everyone who read it joined so I could sort of meet you. I promise I’m a really nice guy, and I try to write everyone back. So if you’re really into the whole Facebook thing, add it and say hi!


The Hood Internet: The Mixtape Volume Two

I just posted about The Hood Internet, but my friend Chris just pointed out that they released The Mixtape Volume Two just two days ago. I’ve already listened to it, and it’s so frigging good. They are seriously killing it lately. My favorites were Eve vs. Radiohead, Clipse vs. The Avalanches, and Genesis vs. Justice. That’s right, Phil Collins against your favorite electronic band.

I also made my own cover out of a weird picture I took at the Vans Sky Gallery Exhibit, because I hated the one they made, it looked like a bad hip hop compilation that I would never pick up. Hopefully someone enjoys my dumb one.


Robert Geller

I would say that Robert Geller has had a pretty good run so far, in his relatively short fashion career. After graduating from RISD in 2001, Geller began a traineeship at Marc Jacobs, helping out with four collections until he left to be a part of the now defunct line, Cloak. Geller worked with Alexandre Plokhov to create 5 collections for Cloak, garnering many awards along the way.

In 2005, Geller started a new women’s wear collection called Herald, which has been getting some good press so far. Then last year, he finally found financial backing for a new menswear line under his own name, and it’s looking pretty hot. I really love his jeans, not too skinny, and not too baggy. I can definitely see the influence of Marc Jacobs, which to me is a really good thing. It means he’s going to make clothes that have a good fit and won’t fall apart after a few times in the wash.


Writer’s Retreat by Gianni Botsford

I plucked this dream of a house out of the newest issue of Wallpaper* and had to share it with everyone. The house was designed by architect Gianni Botsford for his father, who has a whopping 16,000 books. He made this massive collection a focus of the house, as you can see in the photo above.

I love that the house has one giant, open end, and that the rest is sealed in metal siding. The photo really makes it look amazing, where you can see the glowing warmth of the house in contrast to the cold looking outside. I also really love that it’s on stilts, it gives the house such a bold presence. It’s also great that it’s such a simple structure if you really look at it. It’s really just made of wooden slats and metal siding. Who needs fancy when you can make simple look amazing?


Marc Jacobs Loves Harry Potter

I keep seeing this ad in magazines everywhere, and I think it’s so funny. The photo is one half of a Marc Jacobs ad, and as you can see, Marc is an avid reader of Harry Potter, as the boy in the photo is the beautiful version of Daniel Radcliffe. Marc Jacobs always has the best ads, like his recent one with Michael Stipe in some regular looking bathroom in a bright blue pair of pants and no shirt on.

I’m guessing the photo was taken by Juergen Teller, who takes most of the photos for Marc by Marc these days.

Maybe that’s a trashy Hermione to his right? haha…



The zeroHouse is a self-sustaining, modular home that sounds like something out of The Jetsons. Supposedly, the house is able to collect and store solar energy in batteries which can power the house for one week without sunlight. It collects rainwater which is stored in a 2700 gallon tank and the plumbing needs no power because it’s all controlled by gravity. It can process all waste in the house because of a digester unit beneath the house, which you only need to clean up twice a year. And not only that, but the whole house is filled with “sensors” that control the house.

While this sounds great, what average citizen could afford anything like this? There’s no way on earth this thing is going to be under $500,000. I don’t see how it would be possible. I think it’s totally beautiful, and it has some wonderful ideas, but why don’t people start creating things which are feasible?! The picture at top sums it up well enough I think. If you can afford to own a huge plot of land, like 500 acres or so, you can afford to throw this miracle house out into the middle of it.

I really want to believe in projects like this, but every now and then you have to question whether or not Santa can really fit down the chimney.

Found through MoCo Loco


Concrete Rings by Studio 22

I’ve seen concrete jewelry before, and while it’s fun material to work with, I don’t think anyone’s done anything really groundbreaking with the medium. But I have to say I’m really liking these rings by Studio 22. I really like the one on the right above. I think what’s cool about it is how the shape looks somewhat gem inspired. It gives the ring a really interesting quality that lacks in a regular, round shape.

The rings should be sold through Designboom’s online store sometime in the near future for about $50. Sadly, I had trouble figuring out how the hell their online store worked, and I know what the hell I’m doing most of the time. Hopefully you have better luck than I do.


Last Week in Music | 11/04 – 11/11

My counter/tracker do-hickey is finally working as it should, and I have the kind of totals I would expect to see!

Topping the list again was Coconut Records, which I still haven’t written about, but it’s on my list. It’s a fantastic album, and is probably going on my top dozen of the year. Surprisingly next is The Radio Dept., who I’m pretty sure I left on repeat until 4 in the morning while I was sleeping. So technically it was on, but I wasn’t quite conscious for it.

Lately I’ve been listening to all of the records that came out this year, trying to determine my list of the best dozen of the year. So far I have half my list, but so many good records came out this year, it’s insane. I think my total record count, for albums that came out this year that I really liked, is somewhere above 75.

On a side note, I think it’s funny that I listen to the mixes I’ve made so many times that it showed up on my top 10. Which means I’ve made myself a Kitsune Noir page on… very weird.


I’m Back.

I apologize to everyone for having to stare at my ugly mug all weekend long. Hopefully the image above pushes me down a bit…
I’m officially back in LA, and happy to be so. My trip up north was good. It was nice to see my family and friends, even though the trip was so short. My flight was delayed both ways, which is what I get for flying Southwest, but oh well, it’s affordable.

As I waited for my flight home to show up, I sat and drank a gingerbread white mocha and watched the planes roll in while I listened to the Lost in Translation soundtrack. It’s really great airport music. I also listened to this other mix that I made called ‘Sunshine Sometimes’, which I need to make a cover for, and then I’ll let you all hear it. The first two songs make me particularly happy, and I could definitely listen to them on repeat for the next 3 weeks straight.

Also while I was up north, my mom told me that I looked like Paul McCartney back in the day, which I can kind of see. But people definitely agreed with her. I think if I had to be a Beatle, I would definitely pick Paul, so that’s cool.

Okay, enough rambling, bed time. I’ll get back to all the comments and e-mails in the morning, I promise.


P.S. My is totally working this week, just wait!

See You Sunday Night…

Hey everyone. I’m headed up north to Sacramento for an early Thanksgiving with my family. This also means that I won’t have any internet access whatsoever, so don’t cry if I don’t e-mail you back. I’ll be back on Sunday night to answer e-mail and get back to posting.
But since Im gone, everyone reading this should leave me a message, cuz’ it’s always fun to come home to e-mails. And if you’re really important, you have my mobile number, so call me.

See you all again Sunday night!