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Newstoday is now QBN

I just popped over to Newstoday, thinking that since I was sitting in a hallway all alone, I wouldn’t disturb anyone with the loud, “Newstoday…” jingle. I went, and to my surprise, Newstoday, and it’s wonderful tune weren’t there anymore, but replaced by QBN, the main part behind Newstoday. That’s the best possible way I can think of describing it.

The redesign looks really nice and simple, and quite possibly more fun. All of the main elements of what Newstoday was about, but makes it slightly easier to access. There’s not as much of an information overload anymore. Other blogs like Core77 and Treehugger need to take a cue from this redesign. Less is so much easier to process. It feels like these blogs are getting out of hand with the amount of content they’re trying to get out to people.

Viva la QBN!


Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is a German illustrator who has a really great online portfolio. His work consists mostly of black and white line drawings, which are pretty detailed and cute, you could say. His mascot is a a smiling house, which he’s created giant sculptures of. He also makes some pretty rad t-shirts as well, which you can find over at The Lousy Livincompany.

Also, I stole this from somebody, but I can’t remember who it was, so my apologies to them for my bad memory.


Last Week in Music | 11/11 – 11/18

Last Week in Music, I had a couple of new things pop up on my list. Buillion, was number one, who I think might be trying to paint himself as the next Dangermouse. What he did, was combine the beats of J Dilla, with the best album ever written, Pet Sounds, and called it ‘Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee’. What you get is something pretty close to amazing. Hearing the chopped up beats of Dilla mixed with the beautiful vocals of The Beach Boys is pretty damn awesome. What’s also really cool, is that the album is free to download, just click on the title of the album up there.

Then there was Coconut Records, who I keep saying I’m going to post about, but so far I haven’t. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week, since I have so much free time. Such a great album.

After that was Jana Hunter, who I wasn’t so sure about at first, but now I’m really starting to enjoy her album. It’s really folk-y, but I’m really enjoying a lot of the instrumental stuff. It’s definitely growing on me.

I also just got the new Bishop Allen album, Bishop Allen & The Broken String, which I’m reading on Wikipedia that it came out on July 24th. How in the hell did I miss this? Anyhow, it’s their second full length album, consisting mostly of songs from their EP’s they made last year, but remastered and made new-ish. The album is pretty good overall, though I feel like it could have been a lot stronger.


Uniqlo Grid

Uniqlo has a rad new interactive game which lets you play and experience the grid system that they use. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first (probably because I didn’t read the directions…) but after like 5 minutes you totally get it and it starts to become really fun. There really isn’t a point tot he game, it’s more like a social project where up to 50 people get to make the decisions of what the grid will look like. You can add or remove squares, rotate them, or combine them.

I was playing earlier, and usually I try to turn all of the squares the color I was assigned. But someone else decided to drag all of the squares off the grid, leaving it blank. This kind of made it fun because then I started working to actually keep something on the board. It’s a pretty fun way to kill 15 minutes or so. There are also a lot of really great sound effects that go along with the game. You could honestly just sit and watch if you wanted to.

The game was created by Yugo Nakamura of YUGOP, who I posted about in July. The guy is a visionary when it comes to electronic artworks.

Found through Computerlove


The Bearded Cap by Vík Prjónsdóttir

The Bearded Cap by Vík Prjónsdóttir

On the plane ride over I was reading the newest issue of Dwell, saw this, and was so very sad that I was on a plane and wouldn’t be able to post about it till later. I mean, how amazing is this Beard Cap? I would love to have one of those, especially being here in Boston. It’s made of wool and comes in 3 different colors and styles. I love that it covers almost your entire head, it looks sooooo warm.

It’s made by a design group called Vík Prjónsdóttir who work in Iceland and think of all sorts of ingenious ways of keeping people warm, like blankets made for two and “robes” shaped like seal pelts. Lots of weird, but fun, projects.

Update: Herman over at Doodybrain got in touch with Scandinavian Grace in Brooklyn and found out that they do carry these caps. They go for $135 a piece, and come in two different styles, long and short beard, and 4 different colors. Call or e-mail the store if you want to get one!


+KN in Boston / Day 1

Hello everyone! I made it into Boston, and I’m having an awesome time so far. I landed at 6 in the morning after a restless flight. I think I slept a lot, but it was hard to tell. Yesterday afternoon we met up with Jeff’s friends Nina for brunch at Cosí, which was a a cute café in Kendall Square. I had an overly salty egg sandwich.

After that we met up with Christina at Dunkin Donuts. It was her birthday, so we decided to go shopping on Newbury Street, which was a lot of fun. We saw a guy who was basically dead on the street also, which wasn’t so fun. Thankfully, a woman stepped up to perform CPR on him, and was able to get him breathing again. An ambulance came shortly after, so hopefully he was okay.

Then for dinner we met up with Matt and Naomi, who invited us to Shabbat dinner with a bunch of the Jews on campus. Jeff is Jewish, but I’m not, so it was pretty interesting, and a lot of fun. We had Jew bread, which I can’t spell, but it was delicious. There was matzos ball soup, salad, and chicken with vegetables. Other people were complaining about, but I thought it was really good! The prayer was pretty interesting as well, it just sounded like they were repeating themselves a whole lot. I also got to meet a bunch of really rad people as well.

After that, we headed over to Matt’s dorm to have some drinks and hang out. It ended up being a lot of fun and I took photos of everyone who was there, which are under the cut. I’ll be posting later tonight possibly, but if not, tomorrow!

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Gama-Go Sale at the Bigfoot Lodge

I’m really excited to fly out to Boston tonight, but I’m also pretty bummed, because Gama-Go is having a big sale on Saturday. While that’s pretty cool, I think the coolest part is that their having the sale at the Bigfoot Lodge here in LA! So you get to buy a bunch of rad clothes for really cheap, but you also get to drink while you’re at it.
What could be better?

On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing that I won’t be at the party, that way I don’t get drunk and end up spending way too much money and try to hit on Tim Biskup… yikes.


The Savages

I was talking to my friend David earlier who saw The Savages the other night and was telling me about it. I hadn’t heard much of anything about it, so I checked out the website and was pleasantly surprised to see some beautiful Chris Ware artwork.

I’ve heard the movie itself was kind of intense, but I started listening to the soundtrack, which plays on the site, and it’s great. It was composed by Stephen Trask, and sadly, it hasn’t been released anywhere as of now. I know, I checked everywhere I could think of. And this bums me out, because I was hoping to listen to it while I fly across the country tonight.

So the point of this is, go check out the art on the site, and then listen to the soundtrack to make the time pass today.


Kitsune Noir Will Be in Boston

On sort of another side note, I’m heading out to Boston tomorrow night to spend some time with Jeff. Because I know basically nothing about Boston, I was wondering if any of you had any good suggestions of places I should visit? I know some of the tourist-y type things to do, and Jeff has some plans for us as well, but I’d really love to get as many ideas as possible.

Also, if anyone is having any sort o art openings, bands playing, parties or anything cool like that, definitely drop me a line, and Me, Jeff and the camera will definitely make a trip to check things out.

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