Spoon Chair by Kartell

I’ve been looking on and off for a new chair for the last 6 months, and I’m starting to realize that you can’t get a comfortable or cool looking chair for under $300. Writing that just now, I feel like I should know something like this, but I suppose I was holding on to a shred of hope that I could find a great deal.

Well I was browsing through some random catalog my boss received and I stopped immediately when I came across the Spoon Chair by Kartell. It has a similar feel to a regular office chair, but it’s got some pretty sexy curves, and I love the bold colors that it comes in. It also happens to be almost $650, which is about triple the amount I was thinking of spending. But if I were to spend a bucket of cash on a chair, it would probably be this one.

If anyone has any good tips on hot/comfy chairs that aren’t a super expensive, please send them my way!


November 30, 2007