Happy Endings at Lab 101

Like most things in life, things come to an end eventually. Sadly, this is true in the case of Lab 101, one of LA’s finest galleries. After six years of introducing some of the biggest artists around today, they’re closing their doors for the time being.
But instead of quietly going away, they’re going out with a huge bang! They’re having a giant farewell show called Happy Endings, featuring over 60 artists that want to show their support for this amazing gallery.

The list includes Andrew Pommier, Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Bigfoot . Bwana Spoons, Dave Kinsey . Derek Hodgson, Jemma Hostetler, Kelsey Brookes, Michael Leon , Rich Jacobs, Shepard Fairey, UPSO and a ton more.

So if you’re in LA this Saturday, definitely come and show your support for one of the best galleries LA has ever had.


November 30, 2007