[Art]ifact: Re-Recognizing the Essentials of Products

Earlier tonight I was browsing around Skylight Books when I ran across this amazing book called [Art]ifact. The book features amazing products that were inspired by everyday, mundane objects, but have been designed to be beautiful or interesting objects. There things like glasses inspired by the bottom of a water bottle, or a vase that’s shaped like a galosh, or a memory stick that you wear like jewelry.

I’ve seen a lot of the things in the book on random blogs over the last few years, but it’s nice to have all of these great ideas packaged into one awesome book. Of note, the cover is made of sandpaper, with an acetate dust jacket over the top of it, so you don’t scratch the hell out of your hands.

The book is published by the awesome folks over at viction:ary, but I suggest you buy it from Amazon for $13.63 cheaper.


November 28, 2007