Kitsune Noir is Exploding

I just wanted to write a quick note that the blog is enduring some serious traffic right now. My Beard Cap post garnered a whole lot of attention, and now I have half the blog-o-sphere hanging out on here. Thankfully, my host/friend Adam is doing an amazing job of keeping things going, but I’ve had to make some slight tweaks to keep things running smoothly.

For the time being, there are only 3 posts per page, as opposed to the 20 I had before, and RSS feeds are down to 20 per page. These are all only temporary changes to keep things going, and as soon as the Beard Cap post drops off Boing Boing, things will be back to normal.

And let me just finish this note up with saying thank you to all the sites that have linked up to me. This post is in no way, shape, or form meant to sound like I’m complaining, and in fact it’s the exact opposite. I’m so excited to be getting this level of traffic, it’s the day that I’ve been dreaming of for about 8 months now. As of writing this, the blog has recieved 10,200 hits, and it’s only 2pm on the west coast. It’s so mind blowing to think about, and in all honesty, I’m totally freaking out.

So once again, thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome couple days.


November 21, 2007