Newstoday is now QBN

I just popped over to Newstoday, thinking that since I was sitting in a hallway all alone, I wouldn’t disturb anyone with the loud, “Newstoday…” jingle. I went, and to my surprise, Newstoday, and it’s wonderful tune weren’t there anymore, but replaced by QBN, the main part behind Newstoday. That’s the best possible way I can think of describing it.

The redesign looks really nice and simple, and quite possibly more fun. All of the main elements of what Newstoday was about, but makes it slightly easier to access. There’s not as much of an information overload anymore. Other blogs like Core77 and Treehugger need to take a cue from this redesign. Less is so much easier to process. It feels like these blogs are getting out of hand with the amount of content they’re trying to get out to people.

Viva la QBN!


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  1. JR November 19, 2007 at 10:18 PM

    Yeah, I am still adjusting to it. I am happy they have a classic view, because I was always jealous of there simple layout that push so much information out. I think it’s a little to white. So reason its just a little overbearing compared to most white layout. (it might be my monitor) but still a really nice minimal design

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