Last night, Jeff and I went by Shaw’s, one of the local grocery stores out here, and I was pretty excited when I saw that they had the new POM flavored teas. I’ve been drinking these for a few months now, and I’m obsessed with the Lychee Green Tea and Peach Passion White Tea flavors. We bought one of each of them, and then headed over to Jeff’s friend’s Matt’s house.

Well, I was quite surprised to find that my Lychee Green Tea had some extra flavoring in it! Turns out to be what I think is… cardboard. One big chunk, larger than a quarter, and one smaller piece. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world I could find in there, I certainly wasn’t excited to see it in there, either. I’m going to let it dry out and see if I can tell exactly what it is, maybe I can get Jeff to throw it under a microscope here at MIT and we can scientifically diagnose it… er, something.

But no matter what, I’m definitely going to look a lot more carefully the next time I’m drinking a POM.


November 19, 2007