Robert Geller

I would say that Robert Geller has had a pretty good run so far, in his relatively short fashion career. After graduating from RISD in 2001, Geller began a traineeship at Marc Jacobs, helping out with four collections until he left to be a part of the now defunct line, Cloak. Geller worked with Alexandre Plokhov to create 5 collections for Cloak, garnering many awards along the way.

In 2005, Geller started a new women’s wear collection called Herald, which has been getting some good press so far. Then last year, he finally found financial backing for a new menswear line under his own name, and it’s looking pretty hot. I really love his jeans, not too skinny, and not too baggy. I can definitely see the influence of Marc Jacobs, which to me is a really good thing. It means he’s going to make clothes that have a good fit and won’t fall apart after a few times in the wash.


November 14, 2007