The zeroHouse is a self-sustaining, modular home that sounds like something out of The Jetsons. Supposedly, the house is able to collect and store solar energy in batteries which can power the house for one week without sunlight. It collects rainwater which is stored in a 2700 gallon tank and the plumbing needs no power because it’s all controlled by gravity. It can process all waste in the house because of a digester unit beneath the house, which you only need to clean up twice a year. And not only that, but the whole house is filled with “sensors” that control the house.

While this sounds great, what average citizen could afford anything like this? There’s no way on earth this thing is going to be under $500,000. I don’t see how it would be possible. I think it’s totally beautiful, and it has some wonderful ideas, but why don’t people start creating things which are feasible?! The picture at top sums it up well enough I think. If you can afford to own a huge plot of land, like 500 acres or so, you can afford to throw this miracle house out into the middle of it.

I really want to believe in projects like this, but every now and then you have to question whether or not Santa can really fit down the chimney.

Found through MoCo Loco


November 12, 2007