Last Week in Music | 11/04 – 11/11

My counter/tracker do-hickey is finally working as it should, and I have the kind of totals I would expect to see!

Topping the list again was Coconut Records, which I still haven’t written about, but it’s on my list. It’s a fantastic album, and is probably going on my top dozen of the year. Surprisingly next is The Radio Dept., who I’m pretty sure I left on repeat until 4 in the morning while I was sleeping. So technically it was on, but I wasn’t quite conscious for it.

Lately I’ve been listening to all of the records that came out this year, trying to determine my list of the best dozen of the year. So far I have half my list, but so many good records came out this year, it’s insane. I think my total record count, for albums that came out this year that I really liked, is somewhere above 75.

On a side note, I think it’s funny that I listen to the mixes I’ve made so many times that it showed up on my top 10. Which means I’ve made myself a Kitsune Noir page on… very weird.


November 12, 2007