I’m Back.

I apologize to everyone for having to stare at my ugly mug all weekend long. Hopefully the image above pushes me down a bit…
I’m officially back in LA, and happy to be so. My trip up north was good. It was nice to see my family and friends, even though the trip was so short. My flight was delayed both ways, which is what I get for flying Southwest, but oh well, it’s affordable.

As I waited for my flight home to show up, I sat and drank a gingerbread white mocha and watched the planes roll in while I listened to the Lost in Translation soundtrack. It’s really great airport music. I also listened to this other mix that I made called ‘Sunshine Sometimes’, which I need to make a cover for, and then I’ll let you all hear it. The first two songs make me particularly happy, and I could definitely listen to them on repeat for the next 3 weeks straight.

Also while I was up north, my mom told me that I looked like Paul McCartney back in the day, which I can kind of see. But people definitely agreed with her. I think if I had to be a Beatle, I would definitely pick Paul, so that’s cool.

Okay, enough rambling, bed time. I’ll get back to all the comments and e-mails in the morning, I promise.


P.S. My Last.fm is totally working this week, just wait!

November 12, 2007