Random Photos of LA

I’ve been carrying around my Lomo a lot lately, snapping random photos here and there. The top photo is where I get on the 210, headed to work toward South Pasadena. I stare at that part often as I’m waiting for a chance to get on the freeway.
The second photo is from a mansion in Malibu I was at for a photo shoot. It was styled like an old Tuscan house, with a courtyard and ivy everywhere. I wonder if it was safe from the fires?
The third photo is an old retirement hotel on Fairfax. I spotted it as I was walking around before I saw a movie a few weeks back. The color of the lights were really what drew it to me.

The problem I’ve been having with my Lomo is that it’s been eating my film 9 photos in. I’ve had this happen twice already, and it’s really making me sad. I know I’ve been taking some really good pictures that never come to be. Lomo should totally send me a box of film for all the film that their camera eats of mine!


November 4, 2007