It’s The First of November, and I’m Ready for X-mas

It’s already November, and I really can’t believe the year is almost over. I woke up this morning needing to listen to Charlie Brown X-mas by Vince Guraldi Trio, and when I left for work, Los Angeles was wrapped in fog. It seemed fitting. I stopped by Starbucks on my way in, craving a Gingerbread White Mocha, a combo an old friend of mine who works at Starbucks suggested to me, subsequently getting me hooked on it.

I walked in and asked the guy behind the counter if they were serving the gingerbread part yet, and he said no, that officially they had it, but they couldn’t give it out until November 8th. No big deal, I ordered a white mocha and casually mentioned how I liked to mix the two flavors. This caught the interest of both the barista and the cashier, both commenting on how good that sounds, but they’d never tried it before.

As I waited for my drink, the barista asked me what the proportions of a Gingerbread White Mocha would be, and I told her 50/50. Sure enough, I walked out with a Gingerbread White Mocha 7 days before I should have been able. It pays to be nice.


November 1, 2007