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Happy Endings at Lab 101

Like most things in life, things come to an end eventually. Sadly, this is true in the case of Lab 101, one of LA’s finest galleries. After six years of introducing some of the biggest artists around today, they’re closing their doors for the time being.
But instead of quietly going away, they’re going out with a huge bang! They’re having a giant farewell show called Happy Endings, featuring over 60 artists that want to show their support for this amazing gallery.

The list includes Andrew Pommier, Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Bigfoot . Bwana Spoons, Dave Kinsey . Derek Hodgson, Jemma Hostetler, Kelsey Brookes, Michael Leon , Rich Jacobs, Shepard Fairey, UPSO and a ton more.

So if you’re in LA this Saturday, definitely come and show your support for one of the best galleries LA has ever had.


Layer Tennis: James Hutchinson vs. Trevor Van Meter

While this certainly wasn’t the best play of the game, I think it’s enough to give the win to Mr. Trevor Van Meter. I think he was consistently more creative throughout the game. This was a pretty cool game, especially having all the fun animations. I hope they do more of these, though I could imagine how difficult doing this would be. I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if either of the artists talks about how the experience was. All in all, a really fun match!

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Well, this is the final return from Mr. Hutchinson, a really good effort. To me it looks like the guitar heroes have turned into Jay Z, Michael Jackson/Marilyn Manson hybrid, and possibly Damon Albarn from Blur. There’s also the really fun, rockstar background going on as well.
This was a really good move, and I think that James still has a chance. It’s all up to Trevor and his last move.

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What’s the best way to take of invading bug monsters? Fuckin’ jam!
This goes back to the humor and creativity of Round 2, with Trevor’s art and sense of humor making this so awesome. And I love that they’re Guitar Hero guitars, not real one’s. Bonus points for massive nerdery.

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Spoon Chair by Kartell

I’ve been looking on and off for a new chair for the last 6 months, and I’m starting to realize that you can’t get a comfortable or cool looking chair for under $300. Writing that just now, I feel like I should know something like this, but I suppose I was holding on to a shred of hope that I could find a great deal.

Well I was browsing through some random catalog my boss received and I stopped immediately when I came across the Spoon Chair by Kartell. It has a similar feel to a regular office chair, but it’s got some pretty sexy curves, and I love the bold colors that it comes in. It also happens to be almost $650, which is about triple the amount I was thinking of spending. But if I were to spend a bucket of cash on a chair, it would probably be this one.

If anyone has any good tips on hot/comfy chairs that aren’t a super expensive, please send them my way!


Ecopellets Office

I’m sort of in love with this beautiful office for Ecopellets, a company that takes sawdust and wood shavings and turns them into clean burning pellets for heating your home. First off, any building that glows like that at night is totally amazing. It looks so futuristic, but pleasant and inviting at the same time. I also think it’s cool that they used tin siding, giving it an industrial look, sort of like a grain silo or something you’d see at an old farm. Simple and beautiful.

Found through Plataforma Arquitectura


The Ministry of Type

Earlier today I came across the amazing Ministry of Type, a blog that covers all things typography (weird, huh?). As soon as I started looking at it I was totally smitten, and wanted to redo my entire blog. I love that their logo is that tiny bookmark with the crown on it. It’s a really simple, but powerful site. It also helps that they post about a lot of rad stuff as well. Sometimes type can get pretty boring, or at least I think so, but they’ve definitely got some great posts. Definitely one to check out, I’m going to add them to my blogroll when I get home…



The creator’s of fl0w, one of the best online games ever made, is coming out with a new game for PS3 called fl0wers. So far there isn’t much info about the game yet, but to me, it looks like you have to support a field of flowers, spreading seeds and increasing your total amount of flowers. I could totally be wrong on this, but that’s my impression.

No matter what it’s sure to be a) fun, just like fl0w is, and b) beautiful, simply because it’s got the power of the PS3 behind it. As soon as I read more about this I’ll be sure to post about it.

Found through Joystiq


[Art]ifact: Re-Recognizing the Essentials of Products

Earlier tonight I was browsing around Skylight Books when I ran across this amazing book called [Art]ifact. The book features amazing products that were inspired by everyday, mundane objects, but have been designed to be beautiful or interesting objects. There things like glasses inspired by the bottom of a water bottle, or a vase that’s shaped like a galosh, or a memory stick that you wear like jewelry.

I’ve seen a lot of the things in the book on random blogs over the last few years, but it’s nice to have all of these great ideas packaged into one awesome book. Of note, the cover is made of sandpaper, with an acetate dust jacket over the top of it, so you don’t scratch the hell out of your hands.

The book is published by the awesome folks over at viction:ary, but I suggest you buy it from Amazon for $13.63 cheaper.