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Hall House 1

The architects over at Alphaville had an interesting problem to solve when they were trying to build a home for a young couple. The space they were going to build on was the remnants of two lots of land where houses had been, which met together at a 20º angle, and the road in front of the lots sloped so that one end was much higher than the other.

To me, this sounds like a nightmare, but Alphaville was able to make a really incredible looking space, despite the obstacles. They formed the shape of the outside of the building to the road, while the interior of the building goes into the hillside. Inside of the building, it’s very minimal, with a ton of strong angles. Downstairs there’s a place to play billiards, a large movie area, and a big kitchen. Upstairs they have a modest bedroom, with an open air bathroom.

Personally I’d paint the whole damn thing and throw up all sorts of photos and prints on the walls. But I like how compact the space is, and the great use of space on the two lots. And though the architecture may be a bit busy, it’s still nice to see this level of creative thinking.

Found through Noticias Arquitectura


Undoboy Wall Graphics

Undoboy Wall Graphics

Undoboy sent me an e-mail a couple weeks ago telling me about his new collection of wall graphics with Blik, and I totally spaced about them! The pieces above are from his Dreamland 1 & 2 pack, and look so cool on that bright yellow wall! The packs go for $65 a piece, which seems like a lot to me, but there are 62 decals in the packs, so the price makes sense. Plus they’re reusable, so you don’t feel like it’s a waste if you put them up and want to move them later.

Update: Undoboys Icon Series Graphics are on sale at Urban Outfitters for $25 a piece. Get them fast, this usually means they have like 1 or 2 of each!


Experimental Jetset’s Poster for ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Experimental Jetset's Poster for '2001: A Space Odyssey'

I was reading Coudal earlier, which had a link that led me to a site called Infostuka, which had this great poster by Experimental Jetset. EJ created the posters for a show called Neutral, about neutral typefaces and neutrality itself. So they created this homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, using only the font Neutral, which was specially created by Experimental Jetset. It’s so ridiculously simple, but I think that’s what I love about it. Now I need to figure out how to get one of these…

Non-lethal Mousetraps To Catch An Adorable Little Mouse


Yesterday on Dezeen, there was a great post about Roger Arquer, and his non-lethal mousetraps. Basically what he did was use everyday, household objects like a drinking glass, a light bulb, a glass flower pot and a bottle, and turn them into ingenious ways of catching little mice.

I have to say, the ideas are quite clever, and pretty easy to do on your own. The pictures are freaking adorable. If I could catch that tiny, cute-as-a-button mouse, I would totally keep him and give him a ridiculous name like Harold. But my guess is, you’re never going to catch a mouse that cute, and in fact, if you do have a rodent problem, it’s going to be some giant, scary ass rat that probably has rabies.

I think my favorite solution is the light bulb and the nut, it seems like the sneakiest trap to me. Very cute idea, with a very cute little mouse!

Bobby Hates iPods

Yesterday, I complained about not scrobbling (I hate that word) all of the songs I’ve been listening to, but I figured out the problem. During the day, I plug in my iPod to my computer at work because I like to listen to my music, especially because I listen to so much music all the time. Turns out only scrobbles music on the hard drive of a computer, not any attached drives. Which could be why it’s not counting everything I’m listening to.

This is really stupid. Why can’t it just read what’s going through iTunes, and mark that down? Right now for example, it has no idea that I’m listening to Paul McCartney, it says I listened to Caribou 1 hour and 4 minutes ago. Is it that hard to figure out what my iPod is playing? And what if I had all of my music on an external drive, would it be able to read from that? I’m not so sure it would.

Anyone know any other good programs that are similar to, but will be able to read from my iPod?


Neil Doshi Designed T-shirt at Threadless

I signed up for Threadless’ newsletter about a month ago, and usually when I browse through the new entries, I’m not too impressed. But today’s featured a new Threadless Select Tee (basically a real designer they’ve asked to design a tee) by Neil Doshi called The Future Is Feeling.

I really liked his design a lot, so I checked out his personal site called ‘Magic Funtimes‘, and his work is pretty great. Tons of patterns and details all over the place, as well as lots of bright colors. Pop over and say hi.


Yamaha Tesseract Concept

I’m totally in love with this new concept vehicle from Yamaha called the Tesseract. Regular motorcycles scare the shit out of me, but strap four wheels on it and now you’re talking. It looks like it came out of some crazy anime, and also looks like it would be a ton of fun to ride.

Yamaha says it’s pretty much the same size as a regular motorcycle, so it shouldn’t feel too differently. It also has a hybrid, V-Twin engine, with an electric motor, and an automatic balancing function to keep your bike up when you stop or park it.
Pretty cool stuff. Now stop teasing us and frigging make it.