ccPhone by Tobias Wong… I Call Bullshit.

This post is marked under the category of ‘Internet’. Why is that? Because it’s neither art, nor design, it’s pure bullshit. I’m tempted to make a category called bullshit, to call people out on things like this. I usually try and keep things on the positive end, but I can’t not say say something.

This is by far the most asinine thing I’ve seen in a while. Tobias Wong is known for his “outrageous antics”, and “questioning how we think of products”, but you have to be kidding me. All he’s done is made a matte black iPhone… how is that questioning anything at all?! But he also puts pictures on it, and you get the names and phone numbers of everyone who works for his company. And why does anyone need those? Is he selling it to his mother?

The icing on the cake is the price tag… a whopping $2000. So you can be one of the 50 lucky assholes who drops $2k on a piece of “art”? I think I’ll buy one, take a giant shit on it, and sell it for double as a one of a kind piece of shit.


October 29, 2007