The Volkswagen Space Up!

The Tokyo Auto/Motor Show is in full swing right now and Jalopnik is spitting out brand new cars left and right for us to ogle. the one that caught my was the newly unveiled Volkswagen Space Up!, which is technically the big brother of the VW Up!, which I posted here about a month ago.

The Space Up! is still pretty dang small, but it’s 23 centimeters longer, and has a larger wheelbase than it’s smaller sibling. It also features 4 doors, and has up to 1,005 liters of cargo space, depending upon what you do with the back and passenger seats. That sounds really small to me, like you could only fit one piece of IKEA furniture in there. Also cool is that it has butterfly doors that open outward from the center pillar.

On the inside it has a two informational displays. The display in front of the driver shows the cars vehicle speed, fuel level, distance traveled, and CO2 emissions. The other sits in the middle of the car and gives you access to the “main menu carousel”, which aloows you to control navigation systems, telephone, radio, internet, images films, and more. The whole deal is touch screen and uses proximity sensors to help you adjust controls easier.

While this all sounds amazing, they’re just now beginning to create production models, so actually seeing anything like on the road won’t be happening anytime soon.


October 24, 2007