The Quiet Life 10 Year Anniversary T-shirt

The Quiet Life 10th Anniversary T-shirts

In honor of The Quiet Life’s 10th Anniversary, Andy and Jen have asked 10 of their favorite designers to design a t-shirt, which they’re now selling in their online store. The list is rather impressive, and goes to show you that it pays off to be doing the things they’ve been doing for 10 years now. The artists contributing designs are Todd St. John (of HuGa), Evan Hecox, Ben Loiz, Katsuo Design, Andy Jenkins, Ryan Waller, Rick Myers, Florencio Zavala, Cody Hudson and Megan Whitmarsh (who can give Geoff McFetridge a run for his money when it comes to yeti drawings).

The shirts all come in two different colorways, and go for $25 and $30, depending upon how fancy you want your t-shirt material.


October 24, 2007