How I Fixed My Scrobbling Problem

My problem was bugging me all last night and this morning, but I just figured out what the problem was!

I was thinking the problem might have had something to do with my iPod settings, so I went into scrobbler preferences, and noticed i had 4 different iPods associated with the program. I decided to delete them all, unplug my iPod, then plug it back in and see what happened. I ended up getting the screen above, and realized that this was where the problem came from.

Note that iTunes must be set to automatically sync the iPod for this to work”

I don’t sync my iPod, I hook it up to my computer at home, and the one at work. If I did sync it, I would be able to do that. I decided to say yes and see what happens.
It turns out you don’t have to have your iPod synced with a computer for it to scrobble from your iPod. I had checked no because I didn’t want to try and auto-sync my iPod in iTunes, I wasn’t sure what would happen. really should change this text because it’s simply not true, and because of it, users like myself may not be getting the full experience.

It should be interesting to see how much my charts jump now that it scrobbles my music during the day while I work.


October 24, 2007