Non-lethal Mousetraps To Catch An Adorable Little Mouse


Yesterday on Dezeen, there was a great post about Roger Arquer, and his non-lethal mousetraps. Basically what he did was use everyday, household objects like a drinking glass, a light bulb, a glass flower pot and a bottle, and turn them into ingenious ways of catching little mice.

I have to say, the ideas are quite clever, and pretty easy to do on your own. The pictures are freaking adorable. If I could catch that tiny, cute-as-a-button mouse, I would totally keep him and give him a ridiculous name like Harold. But my guess is, you’re never going to catch a mouse that cute, and in fact, if you do have a rodent problem, it’s going to be some giant, scary ass rat that probably has rabies.

I think my favorite solution is the light bulb and the nut, it seems like the sneakiest trap to me. Very cute idea, with a very cute little mouse!


October 23, 2007