Hates iPods

Yesterday, I complained about not scrobbling (I hate that word) all of the songs I’ve been listening to, but I figured out the problem. During the day, I plug in my iPod to my computer at work because I like to listen to my music, especially because I listen to so much music all the time. Turns out only scrobbles music on the hard drive of a computer, not any attached drives. Which could be why it’s not counting everything I’m listening to.

This is really stupid. Why can’t it just read what’s going through iTunes, and mark that down? Right now for example, it has no idea that I’m listening to Paul McCartney, it says I listened to Caribou 1 hour and 4 minutes ago. Is it that hard to figure out what my iPod is playing? And what if I had all of my music on an external drive, would it be able to read from that? I’m not so sure it would.

Anyone know any other good programs that are similar to, but will be able to read from my iPod?


October 23, 2007