Hall House 1

The architects over at Alphaville had an interesting problem to solve when they were trying to build a home for a young couple. The space they were going to build on was the remnants of two lots of land where houses had been, which met together at a 20º angle, and the road in front of the lots sloped so that one end was much higher than the other.

To me, this sounds like a nightmare, but Alphaville was able to make a really incredible looking space, despite the obstacles. They formed the shape of the outside of the building to the road, while the interior of the building goes into the hillside. Inside of the building, it’s very minimal, with a ton of strong angles. Downstairs there’s a place to play billiards, a large movie area, and a big kitchen. Upstairs they have a modest bedroom, with an open air bathroom.

Personally I’d paint the whole damn thing and throw up all sorts of photos and prints on the walls. But I like how compact the space is, and the great use of space on the two lots. And though the architecture may be a bit busy, it’s still nice to see this level of creative thinking.

Found through Noticias Arquitectura


October 23, 2007