Last Week in Music | 10/14 – 10/21

I really like posting my weekly count of what I’ve been listening to, but I swear to Zeus, doesn’t count everything I listen to! I feel like I listened to three times as much music last week! I literally have the little widget scrobbling music from 8 in the morning till midnight every night. What you see above is approximately 23.5 hours of music, so that’s not even two days of music.

Anyhow, it gives you an idea that I’ve been listening to a lot of “older stuff”. I’ve been in a weird musical mood lately, trying to discover old gems. I’ve been listening to a lot of Abbey Road (I’m a Revolver kind of guy). Also a lot of the Rushmore soundtrack, which is where the Mark Mothersbaugh comes in.

I’m going to e-mail right now and tell them that they’re widget sucks. I’ll update everyone if they write back.


October 22, 2007