How To Make Vodka Drops

I love candy, and I love vodka, but I never thought you could combine the two. That is until I read the amazing blog of chadzilla, 4 chefs cooking in Miami who make some pretty incredible looking foods.

Chef Fabian has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make vodka filled ‘drops’, as I like to call them. On the site they call them ‘pills’, which to me doesn’t quite fit. To make them, all you need is sugar, water, vodka and corn starch, you can have some intoxicating, little candies! The process itself is pretty complex, but it would be totally worth it to make these things, they sound so good! I would love to try to make them with some peach flavored vodka.

And how great would these be at a Halloween party, or the next time you need to go on a trip? No need to worry about buying a stiff drink, just bring these candies with you!


October 22, 2007