Unreleased Joy Division Nike Blazer Mids

I have this weird fascination/obsession with sneakers, even though I mainly wear boring, Vans slip-ons. I think these might be kind of old, but I think they’re really amazing. From what I’ve been able to dig up, they’re a pair of prototype, unreleased Joy Division Nike Blazer Mids, that for some reason were never put into production.

I think they’re so amazing looking! I love how they look like they may have come straight out of the late 70’s with aged looking leather and everything. The Peter Saville-designed pattern on the tongue is also a nice touch. It’s a very minimal shoe, with a lot of little details. On the swoosh, it reads “But I Remember When We Were Young… – Ian Curtis”, and on the inside of the tongues is inscribed, “This Is The Way” and ” Step Inside”. I’m also in love with the box the shoes come in, with the Factory Records logo protruding out of it.

Found through Better Living Through Design

There’s a couple more pictures under the jump.


October 21, 2007